How it works

 1. Learn

Read articles & watch videos for each kit and choose the one that interests you

2. Build

Once you get your kit, enjoy the building process, and get inspired!  

3. Innovate

Now build your own ideas. Collaborate with friends, find mentors for help.

Why Cirkitree


Learn real world Technology

All kits are based on globally followed practices in technology, today!


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The Innovation Factory


Everything we make is designed by experts and tested by kids.


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Paper Circuits

Ages 8+ Class 3+

Soldering Kits

Ages 10+ Class 5+

Programming Kits

(Arduino UNO)

Ages 11+ Class 7+

IOT & Advanced Robotics

Ages 13+ Class 8+

Build Guides

Buttons and Switches

Introduction                                                                                                    A Rocker…

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