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Once you get your kit, enjoy the building process, and get inspired!  


Now build your own ideas. Collaborate with friends, find mentors for help.

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Buttons and Switches

Introduction                                                                                                    A Rocker…

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Educators Testimonials

  • “Cirkitree is empowering students by giving them an experience with latest technologies. The project ideas provided by Cirkitree matches to the level of students.
    The idea of ‘Cirkitree’ is to inculcate scientific skills in students, through activities based on designing and scientific inquiry.”

    Ms. Shikha Arora
    Principal, Indraprastha World School, Paschim Vihar
  • “I am impressed by the hands-on, learn by doing approach followed by Cirkitree. Their manuals are easy to understand and are very student friendly.

    I believe in their well structured, innovative approach to nurture the future innovators.”

    Mrs. Meenu Goswami
    Principal, Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura
  • I like the fact that Cirkitree works on honing the critical reasoning skills of the students and to enhance their independent learning.

    The zeal and enthusiasm in the Cirkitree’s team made me believe in them.

    Mr. Vincent Ashish Moses
    Principal, The Srijan School

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